General provisions

  • 1.1 the Commission for withdrawal of funds is 0% of output by the user amount.

  • 1.2 Withdrawal takes 1 minute to 3 hours.

  • 1.3 by Registering with us You agree to these rules in full.

  • 1.4 At the time of registration the user must be at least 18 years of age on the day of its birth.

The rights and obligations of the user

  • 2.1 cash deposits on its balance sheet.

  • 2.2 Produce information and attract new members into the system using different advertising methods: websites, forum topics, social networks, etc.

  • 2.3 to Send in your suggestions and comments to improve the service System.

  • 2.4 to Comply with these rules in full.

  • 2.5 Carefully read the terms of transfer and payment of profits.

  • 2.6 Not to introduce System developers to mislead by providing false information.

  • 2.7 at least once in three days to re-familiarize themselves with these rules.

  • 2.8 Upon detection of faults or some errors in the site or bots, to inform support.

  • 2.9 Not to conduct the attempts of breaking of site. When you try hacking the developers have the right to remove, block or fine a user.

  • 2.10 Not to publish offensive messages, defamation and other types of messages spoiling the reputation of the company Poker Bot or its users.

The rights and obligations of administration

  • 3.1 In the case of ignoring the users of these rules, the administration reserves the right to remove, block or fine an account user without warning and without explanation.

  • 3.2 the Administration may amend these rules changes 3 days before the changes reported in the news section.

  • 3.3 If the user registration wrote false information, the administration has the full right to remove, block or fine without notice and not to pay funds to correct the data in the profile.

  • 3.4 Letter sent by the administration with obscene content, carrying offensive or threats - will be ignored and the user is removed.

  • 3.5 When you try to enter the administration misled or cheating, action will be taken to delete, lock or a fine account.

  • 3.6 the Administration undertakes to maintain the confidentiality of the information of the authorized user, got from him during registration.

  • 3.7 the Administration is not responsible for any hacking accounts. In order to avoid hacking, you must use complex passwords.

  • 3.8 In the event of refusal to accept the new rules, the administration reserves the right to refuse the user in the future.

  • 3.9 Official news relating to the project, are the only news published on the website and in our official groups in social networks.


  • 4.1 Users can rent the bot in the amount of 1.00 USD using the following payment systems: Payeer, PerfectMoney, Qiwi, AdvCash, YandexMoney, BitCoin, LiteCoin, DogeCoin, Ethereum, Dash, BitcoinCash, zcash for Ripple, Neo, TRON.

  • 4.2 the Minimum amount of withdrawals from the system equals: 0.10 USD. For some of the payment areas can be set separate terms for the minimum amount be withdrawn from the System and order of service.

  • 4.3 the List of the payment systems by which you can make the Deposit and withdrawal of funds may be corrected by the administration.

  • 4.4 Withdrawal of funds is instant for most systems, for some systems the time of payment is up to 3 hours. In the case of providing inaccurate, incomplete data about the system output by the client, the withdrawal does not occur, and the request for withdrawal is rejected to correct or clarify all inaccuracies and data.

  • 4.5 Requests for withdrawal are accepted around the clock.


  • 5.1 program Developers Poker Bot at any time at the user's request can return your investment in full, minus the already derived a profit if you want to close the lease before the end of the lease term.

  • 5.3 the Administration is not responsible for any possible loss as a result of stopping of the System. The resource does not accumulate money supply, it redistributes it among the participants, if you reduce the flow of money coming again, and will automatically reduce payments to participants.

  • 5.4 the Administration does not send Users unreasonable electronic or other messages(spam).

  • 5.5 the Administration is not responsible for temporary technical failures and interruptions in the work Site, for temporary failures and breaks in work of communication lines, other similar failures and also for the problem of the computer from which the User makes access to the Internet.

  • 5.6 the Administration does not bear responsibility before the User for actions of other Users.

  • 5.7 by registering You agree to the terms of this agreement.

  • 5.8 All possible complaints and feedback about the functioning of the System should be sent to the official email address of the company. In the company's office or online support. Thus fulfilling the rules before the court of claims to our company. If your problem has not been solved before the court, the user has the right to go to court.

Poker rooms in which we play

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