Poker Bots

Fri Poker

2.12% for 1 day

Time - 3 months

Min. - 10.00
Max. - 500.00

1st - Fri Poker playing at the micro limits of 0.05-10$

Parker shot

1.025% for 12 hours

Time - 6 months

Min. - 500.00
Max. - 5000.00

2nd - Parker plays a shot at the Middle limits 5-100$

Cold Star

0.7% for 6 hours

Time - 1 year

Min. - 5000.00
Max. - 50000.00

3rd - Cold Star best poker bot from our company, plays at High stakes 100-1000$

Vip Bot

0.7% for 3 hours

Time - 1 month

Min. - 50000.00
Max. - 1000000.00

Vip Bot new and one of the last bots based on artificial intelligence, plays at High stakes 500-5000$


Poker Bot
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The number of charges
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Rent Poker Bota - profitable.

By visiting our site you have a great opportunity to build a successful future with our poker bots We satisfy your passion for poker, but our bots will bring you profit from poker. Among the advantages of:

The program automatically develops and hones the style of play each day.

Our programmers have been correcting and improving the health of poker bots.

Very soon every member of our program will be the host of a private poker bot, with independent choice of games or betting limits. That will greatly increase your profits from the game.

Poker rooms in which we play

Choose the Poker room and receive a bonus up to 2000$ every month

The bonus to +10$
The bonus to +30$
Bonus up to +70$
A bonus up to 100$
A bonus up to 500$
A bonus up to 2000$
Bonus 2000-5000$