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Bonus to all up to 90%, hurry to pick up your bonus.25.06.2020 07:38:16

On July 1, another campaign from our company will take place, with replenishment bonuses and vouchers.


We continue to support our participants, due to the fact that many were left without work and without a salary, for our partners we continue to distribute bonuses.


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Date of the action from 00:00 1.07.2020 - 23:59 02.07.2020


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Don't be sad and don't sleep — the MEGA BONUS will get!26.05.2020 10:40:31

Don't be sad and don't sleep — the MEGA BONUS will get!


We continue to support our participants, due to the fact that many were left without work and without pay, for our partners, we are continuing the distribution of bonuses.

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Date promotion is valid from 00:00 31.06.2020 g - 20:00 02.06.2020 g

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We value our partners and hope that our bonuses will be good support in the development of our cooperation.


Poker grinder22.05.2020 17:53:39

A grinder is a poker player capable of winning back a large number of hands per unit of time. The grinder differs from the ordinary player in an impressive ethics, allowing him to maintain the best conditions even after a long hours of session and demonstrate his best game. Such players are often called good regulars, because they usually show positive results.

New bonuses from POKER BOT!13.05.2020 10:33:54

New bonuses from POKER BOT!

As we promised, on May 15 another campaign from our company will take place, with replenishment bonuses and vouchers after the pandemic.

We continue to support our participants, due to the fact that many were left without work and without a salary, for our partners we continue to distribute bonuses.

Terms of action:
Date of the action from 00:00 am 05/15/2020 - 23:59 05/15/2020

1) Rent a bot from 1000 $ -2500 $ BONUS + 20% to the stack
2) Hire a bot from $ 2550 - $ 5000 BONUS + 40% to the stack
3) Rent a bot from $ 5100 - $ 10,000 BONUS + 60% to the stack
4) Rent a bot from $ 10,000 - $ 1,000,000 BONUS + 80% to the stack + trip to Thailand for two for 8 nights by the end of quarantine, this is the best vacation home after isolation.

We value our partners, and we hope that our bonuses will be good support for you in the development of our cooperation.

The remaining shares will be scheduled at the end of the above.
Regards, POKER BOT Senior Programmer!

New bonuses from POKER BOT!24.04.2020 22:03:27

As we promised, on May 1, another campaign from our company will take place, with replenishment bonuses and vouchers after the pandemic.

We continue to support our participants, due to the fact that many were left without work and without a salary, for our partners we continue to distribute bonuses.

Terms of action:
Date of the action from 00:00 05/01/2020 - 23:59 05/03/2020

1) Rent a bot from 1000 $ -2500 $ BONUS + 15%
2) Rent a bot from $ 2550 - $ 5000 BONUS + 30%
3) Rent a bot from $ 5000 - $ 20,000 BONUS + 50%
4) Rent a bot from 20100-1 000 000 $ BONUS + 70% + trip to Thailand for two for 8 nights at the end of quarantine, this is the best vacation home after isolation.

We value our partners, and we hope that our bonuses will be good support for you in the development of our cooperation.

The remaining shares will be scheduled at the end of the above.
Regards, POKER BOT Senior Programmer!

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Connectors in poker21.04.2020 13:35:53

Every poker player wants to learn to play at this level, to obtain a large and steady income from your favorite things. Unfortunately, to reach that level is far from everyone. Even with the Micros is hard to cope, not to mention more expensive games. The reasons for the failure can be very different – the lack of the necessary theoretical knowledge, a little practice, the inability to analyze your game and your opponents.

MEGA BONUS for those who are quarantined = the tour in DUBAI hotel 5*10.04.2020 08:46:32

Don't be sad and don't sleep — the MEGA BONUS will get!

We continue to support our participants, due to the fact that many were left without work and without pay, for our partners, we are continuing the distribution of bonuses.
Rent new bots and get a MEGA BONUS!

Terms and conditions:
The date of The campaign from 8:00 11.04.2020 g - 20:00 12.04.2020 g
1) Rent bot from 1000$-2500$ BONUS +25%
2) Get the bot from 2550$ - 5000$ BONUS + 50%
3) Rent bot from 5000$ - 10 000$ BONUS + 70%
4) Get the bot from 10 100- 50 000$ BONUS + 80% + a trip for two to Dubai in 5 star hotel for 10 days on 01.07.2020 in Atlantis, the Palm ( Number of trips unlimited ) Vouchers 3 sets.

We value our partners and hope that our bonuses will be good support in the development of our cooperation.

Also we will make the schedule of Shares.

The following actions:
1.05.2020 g Event in honor of the holiday, to +25%
15.05.2020 g Action soon, the summer Tours all
1.06.2020 Share summer breeze MEGA BONUSES

The remaining shares will be painted by the end of the.
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03.04.2020 09:06:05

Backdoor poker24.03.2020 09:00:55

Bonus to all up to 50% hurry up to get your bonus.27.02.2020 09:14:02

From 27.02-01.03 our company gives a bonus when depositing, in honor of three years of work of our company.

Making a Deposit to rent the bot:

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Sincerely Poker Bot LTD


Now Poker Bot profit 5% per day!07.02.2020 16:36:19

Today, our company has completed the development of a truly unique Poker Bota in which the main component of artificial intelligence.
This poker bot is able to make quick decisions in hyper turbo modes, it can sit for a long time passively luring an opponent, then with one hand knock out the whole one so to a knockout.
All our specialists have been working on the development of this bot over the past three months, and the last test modes are already undergoing before its launch.
The name of The poker bot (BOT VIP) when registering for its lease, it is immediately registered as a VIP player with the introduction of a large stack, he plays exclusively at high limits of 500-5000.
This bot is written specifically for the game in only one poker room, #PokerStars bonuses for choosing a poker room will be from $ 2000-5000
The VIP BOT rental period is 1 month, this is the period for which the bot's work is designed, since playing longer can be calculated by the Poker Stars security service.
Profitability of 5% per day, the bot will work only for you, the bot is programmed in such a way that it deducts profit from the game every 3 hours, so the profitability every 3 hours will be 0.625%
The minimum amount to rent a VIP BOT is $ 50,000; the maximum is $ 1,000,000
Profitability of 150% per month + bonus up to $ 5000 which makes the total profitability of 160% of the profit will bring you the VIP BOT poker bot.

Sincerely, POKER BOT LTD

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Bum Hunter Poker03.02.2020 11:42:10

A player is called a bam hunter if he is engaged in a bam hunter. In literal translation, the word bamhant can be translated as "hunting for suckers." Bamhant is a targeted search for weak players (chips) and a game with them. In our poker lessons, we will teach you how to look for chips correctly.

bum hunter

Bamhunter tries to avoid meeting with players equal in skill. The motivation for this behavior is understandable. When playing with strong players, you need to work hard on the game, the variance will be too great, and the winnings are not guaranteed at all. On the other hand, if you carefully select, then you can only play against fish, against which it is quite difficult to remain in the red. Especially bamhant is popular in heads-up cache. A poker video with news tells that the rooms faced a big problem - a whole bunch of tables were opened, each of which sat on a regular basis, but no one played among themselves. Everyone was just waiting for the fish. Now most poker rooms have introduced the so-called "king of the hill" system. With it, the number of tables per limit is limited. Therefore, if a player wants to take a table, he needs to sit down to another regular and play until he leaves. However, for many bum hunters, most hands still fall into the game against the fish.

6-max cache players try to sit only at tables where there is at least one fish. In general, a competent poker theory selection is a must for any player. Remember that if the second player in the world plays with the first all the time, he will go bankrupt. At the same time, bamhant has the other side of the coin. Avoiding meetings with regulars, the bamhunter stops learning and his game does not improve. If a player is satisfied with earnings, then this will not be a problem for him. However, poker is changing and, without improving your game, you will win less. So if you want to improve your game, then meetings with regulars can not be avoided.
Can't win? Our poker bot will help you with this.

Poker fish25.01.2020 10:15:34

Fishermen always brag to their colleagues about their catch. In poker, everything is about the same. Top players (regulars) act as fishermen, and all other visitors to the poker room become fish.

A poker fish is a definition of a player who has either recently started playing or has been playing for a long time, but solely for the fun of it.

In the first case, more experienced opponents profit from it, playing at micro or low stakes. In the second, unlimited poker players.

In the first case, there is no need to talk about serious profits. Beginners put neatly and quickly refuse to continue, or even completely leave the table. But representatives of the second category play to oppose themselves to stronger opponents, to tickle the nerves with high stakes. For such players, losing money is not a problem, and such a fish in poker is carefully guarded as prohibited species in the wild :).

Fish in poker does not bother learning the intricacies of the game, poker strategies or tactical maneuvers. In the confrontation, they do not encounter complex tricks and verified distribution.

The player who confronts the fish should be prepared for the fact that any aggressive action will receive an invariable call. Players with money that is not obtained by playing poker are not used to retreat, which means they will resist to the last.

Players at tables unlimited have developed some rules that help in finding fish in poker, as well as in its painless release from bank roll.

How to look for fish in poker?
Fish poker, image number 1
Despite the fact that players for whom the title of fish is suitable poker are quite common, regulars carefully approach the choice of the victim, as if they choose the best copy from the assortment of the fish store.

Fish in poker is divided into two broad categories:

Those who do just that answer even the highest raises. They need to by no means bring the deal to the showdown. Often they turn out to be winners, because opponents who are blinded by doing squeeze more money out of the fish forget that fish meet their teeth.
The kings of bluffing. They play all hands with maximum aggressiveness in order to knock opponents out of the hand.
In order to beat a poker chip, you need to determine which category it belongs to and contrast it with the corresponding game strategy. Carefully study the situations when the fish jumps from the distribution after active filling of the bank and try to create such situations.

A feature of the game with fish is that even at times when they are aware of their mistakes and that the enemy uses them to win, a change in the strategy of the game does not occur. Fishes such players sit out or are transplanted to another table.

How to to privatize a fish pond?
Fish poker, image No. 2
Every year the number of recreational players decreases, but professional regulars are growing, and at a very frightening pace. There is not enough fish for all and the confrontation between pro players for the right to beat poker chips in poker on their own or in tandem with several partners begins. There are tricks in order to cut off the curious from the confrontation.

The easiest way to get ahead of your opponents is to call pre-flop.

Do not forget that there are restrictions on such actions. If the call occurred on a short table, then this is a signal to raise. In long poker tournaments, such an action is standard for many experienced players.

Playing in late positions at the table with a reliable hand allows you to respond to the limping opponent with a strong raise. In the first case, you pick up the bank, in the second you go to heads-up with a weak opponent.

How to answer a fish with a strong card?
Texas Hold'em Poker is unique in that even the loosest player can get strong cards and win a powerful pot. Regulars should not discard cards at a time when calculating the odds of winning a fish gives disappointing results.

If the result is, start aggressively and impudently.

Bluffing in this situation will result in defeat in 100% of cases. If the fish brings to the end unprofitable hands with almost no chance of a combination in poker, then with an overpair or connectors, and in the later stages of the game and with a powerful combination, he will do it even at the price of the whole stack.

Do not forget about competitors
Fish poker, image No. 3
Which poker room has the most fish, the more fishermen. In each case there will be applicants, who also do not mind earning a bit in poker on fish. We talked about how to isolate the middle peasants from the distribution. Now it's time to punish opponents who claim your fish, namely the initiators of isolating raises.

When in the right situation another regular raises the button, a 3-bet with any hand cards in any position of the table is an excellent solution. This move, if implemented correctly, will immediately earn 7 BB. 3 beta Size should be 12 BB.

The opponent can respond with 4 beta, he understands that the action is caused to knock him out of the confrontation with the chip. The decision to pass will be dictated by an understanding of the situation and a its willingness to retreat. On the other hand, a raise to all-in will show the seriousness of the mood and can win the hand, the bank is already quite good.

The main conclusion of this material is the need to find a balance between the isolation of loose aggressive players who want to pat your fish and use strong opponents to fill the distribution bank.

Be attentive, cold-blooded and ready to join the fight at any time.

Can't win? Our poker bot will help you with this.

Poker red line20.01.2020 10:34:54


In statistical poker programs such as Holdem Manager and PokerTracker, you can learn how to use poker training courses in our courses, on the graphic display of the results, the red line means winning without a showdown. That is, the red line shows your results in distributions that did not reach the showdown. For example, you bet $ 30 and $ 10 on the river on a bank, and your opponent folds. This bank becomes part of your red line.

The red line is also a kind of apple of discord between regulars. There are two opposing opinions: some believe that the red line is very important and shows the true level of the player, and some believe that the red line does not matter.

Accordingly, the red line divides the players into two opposite styles. The first ones bluff a lot, protect the blinds widely and have a good red line, while the rest are focused on getting value from strong hands and their red line is rapidly rolling down.

Do I need to increase the red line at micro limits? According to poker theory, most likely not. The peculiarity of low rates is that opponents DO NOT FOLD. Yes, and most of the fish and regulars call too broadly. How are you going to raise your red line if half of the players in your limit are ready to open you in the third pair? Therefore, if you have not yet risen to at least Nl50, then you should think about the red line last. Poker video advises focusing on the profit line. At higher rates, you already have to think about how to beat the strong regulars of your limit, increased aggression and without it will be extremely difficult to do.

Can't win? Our poker bot will help you with this.

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Poker multi-tabling17.01.2020 18:50:05


When a beginner starts playing 10c84e1993 28595 in online poker, he quickly notices that some of his rivals play on several tables at the same time. This is multi-tabling (from the English Multi-tabling). In our poker lesson, we will try to understand the advantages of multi-tabling, as well as whether to use it and how to approach it.

It's worth saying right away that today almost all regulars, regardless of the limit, play on several tables. Only the number of tables on which they play varies. If for the majority this figure does not exceed ten, then some play up to 24 tables, and the regular CIS tournament Boku87 is known for playing more than 50 tournaments at the same time!

That is, if you want to grow by limits, you simply have to play more than one table. The reason lies on the surface - playing several tables, you play more hands, get more experience, and as a result, your bankroll grows faster. In addition, multi-tabling will increase rakeback and allow you to beat off bonuses faster. However, the wrong approach to multi-tabling will lead to sad consequences. The theory of poker will tell you about how to correctly multi-table.

How many tables do you need to play?
There is no exact answer to this question. All people are different and for each this number is purely individual. The popular opinion is that the more tables you play, the less your expectation from one table. For most, this is not entirely true. Playing one or two tables is often quite boring, a player can start playing much looser than necessary. Do not forget that the maximum profit from one table is not equal to the maximum total profit. For example, if a player has an expectation of $ 10 per hour on four tables, eight tables and on $ 7 per hour, then it is more profitable for him to play eight tables rather than four.

Is multi-tabling difficult?
Not. The complexity of multi-tabling is mainly spoken by those who use a fundamentally wrong approach to it. Petya, who had not previously included more than two tables at the same time, read on the forum that it was necessary to multi-table. After that, in his next session, instead of two, he starts immediately ten tables and is naturally lost. Then he did not have time to press the call, he went into a car safety with aces, and there he ended up in a large bank with 95o. After losing a few buy-ins, Petya decides that multi-tabling is too complicated and that a thoughtful game on two tables is preferable.

Now imagine that, adding only one additional table, Petya began to play on three tables already. Will the quality of his game on three tables at the end of the month correspond to a game on two? Most likely, yes. And so, adding a table at a table, You will eventually become a successful multitabler.

Perhaps not everyone is destined to play more than twenty tables, but anyone can learn to play thoughtfully at ten tables. Just remember that in no case can you add tables if you play in the red.

A problem for a novice multitable can also be the conditions in which he plays. More tables mean more stress on the brain and less time to make a decision. Playing from the laptop on the couch, spending a lot of time hovering over the desired button, fatigue quickly sets in, and there is very little time left to make decisions. Therefore, when planning to multitable, you need to equip your workplace with a comfortable chair and a monitor with a large diagonal, as well as acquire auxiliary software. First, you need to purchase a program for collecting statistics. The most popular representatives of such software are PokerTracker and HoldemManager. With the help of these programs you will be able to track in real time the characteristics of opponents, allowing you to track trends in their game, without observing them. TableNinja is also useful, a program that allows you to speed up the game using the automated bet sizes and hot keys. Good advice for cash players will vary the number of tables played, depending on fatigue. Timely breaks, of course, are also necessary.

Raising the limits meeting involves more complex issues than multi-tabling. But the lack of attention to this aspect of poker can negate all other initiatives.

Can't win? Our poker bot will help you with this.

Poker Freezeout09.01.2020 10:04:09

A poker freeze-out is a type of tournament in which a player who loses all his chips cannot make a purchase and therefore leaves the game. In these types of tournaments, you can't make a rebuy or add-on. These events require special skill and skills, because they do not have the right to make a mistake – if you lose the entire stack, the player will not be able to return to the game.

The only contribution that a participant makes to a freesout tournament is a buy-in, or directly payment for participation in the tournament. In the world series of Poker, the main event takes place in this format, i.e. participants buy-in and can't buy more chips during the game. Free-out tournaments are also common in online poker rooms.

Freezeout Poker requires special tactics from the player. In the early stages, you need to play as tight as possible, not allowing yourself large expositions and even more so all-ins. If a player makes a serious mistake, he will not be able to fix it by purchasing additional chips-this function is simply missing.

Poker Freezeout

How to play the beginning of the Freezeout tournament
Here are a few recommendations on the game in the early stages of Freezeout tournaments:

No need to act aggressively. It is better to exclude a 3-betas with a combination of medium strength from your Arsenal. In the early stages of the game there are still quite a lot of recreational players who will call any bets, so that such actions will be difficult to pick up the pot in Poker Freezeout.
Stick to a tight strategy. Analyze your position, the strength of your pocket cards and the actions of previous players before making a bet.
Analyze your opponents ' play. You need to know what cards they raise, what cards they fold, what cards they call. This information will help you act more effectively against them in the later stages of the tournament.
Strategy game in the middle stage of the tournament Freezeout
At this stage, the tournament remains mostly thinking players, all the fish usually fly out earlier. Therefore, the game is played in a tight-aggressive manner, it continues for a long time, because no one wants to take risks. Betting only happens with strong cards, so if there is no good combination, no one calls. Banks are drawn small, so the Freezeout tournaments at the middle stage it is difficult to increase your stack.

Game strategy The following is recommended:

Aggressive drawing-fewer checks and calls.
If the stack is too small, play a push-fold.
Try to steal blinds from late positions more often, especially if the blinds are too tight.

Strategy at the final stage of the tournament Freezeout
In the final stage of the freesout tournament, players already get into the prizes, and with each departure of the opponent, the amount of winnings increases. Therefore, each participant wants to go as far as possible, ideally to the final table. At this stage, you will not find recreational players and loose poker players. You should act very carefully, carefully analyzing your opponents. Bluff should be used only in cases when you are sure that the opponent should throw the cards in a pass.

At this stage, the size of the blinds is too large in relation to the stacks, so you often have to act aggressively. If you have a strong starting hand, you should make a big bet, not allowing your opponents to see the flop. If you were the pre-flop aggressor, and the flop still opened, then you should definitely make a counter-bet from the position. If you do not have a match, and the opponent makes a 3-bet, it is better to discard the cards.

The poker freeze-out has a great influence on the preferred tactics at the beginning of the tournament. In the middle and late stages, the strategy of the game is almost no different between Freezeout and rebuy tournaments. The fact is that the middle stage usually ends the re-purchase period, and therefore players can not restore their stack when it is lost.

Thus, the poker freeze-out only affects the early stage of the tournament, in which it is recommended to play carefully and as tight as possible.

The position under the gun is the most uncomfortable and unprofitable place at the poker table.02.01.2020 14:36:49


Translated into English, this term sounds like “Under The Gun” (UTG abbreviated). A dangerous position is found immediately after the big blind. You need to know why this place is considered so unprofitable and how to play in a position at gunpoint.

Origin of the term
There are two versions of the origin of the "position at gunpoint":

The player in this position will be in the next round to put the big blind. He's not going anywhere from this bet, even if he has a really bad card on hand. Therefore, the player is, as it were, “under the gun” for the next game.
According to the second version of the origin, the position has such a name, because the player must go first at the table preflop. He still does not know anything about his opponents, but is forced to bet. At this point, you can make a mistake in poker, which in the next round of betting will cost a lot of money.
How to play the position at gunpoint in poker?
Professionals note that this position is really extremely disadvantageous. You must bet first on the preflop, and third on the flop and subsequent streets. The early position is really uncomfortable, since we do not know how our rivals will behave further.

where is the position under the gun

It is recommended to play positions under the gun with only the best cards. You must be completely confident in your abilities. Middle and garbage hands should be immediately dropped.

Even if you had top cards preflop, they can become completely useless on the flop. Only 1 time out of 5 you will get into the board. In other cases, your hand will not strengthen. In a position under the gun, you should not try to play further if you were unable to “grab onto the flop.” Better fold immediately.

Sometimes you can use the semi-bluff method in a position under the gun. Even with a good hand, you may not be able to strengthen anything on the flop, however, you will have a chance to improve in the following streets. In this case, immediately bet. Your opponents will think that you really hit the flop, because without a card they rarely raise the bet in the position at gunpoint. If you always carry out only a check, your opponents will notice your weakness and will “squeeze” you out of the bank even without a good card.

It is important to analyze your opponents. If they are tight, then a small bet on the flop with either hand is likely to force them to fold. Forgiving loose aggressive players should not be put in position under the gun.

gun position

The position at gunpoint in poker is extremely uncomfortable and in most cases is considered a losing one. It is recommended that a larger range of hands just fold and not enter the fight for the bank. However, if in this position you received two high cards or a large pocket pair, you can safely attack. At the same time, do not be afraid to sometimes use a semi-bluffing on the flop, if the board does not quite suit you, with the right poker strategy, you will force opponents to fold.

ALL BONUSES!25.12.2019 16:33:40

As we promised, the choice of poker rooms for playing our bots has been added.
Now, when choosing a poker bot for rent, you also need to additionally choose a poker room in which your rented bot will play. Bonuses up to $ 2000 per month will be charged additionally for choosing a poker room.
Together with one bot you can choose only one of two poker rooms and an exact description of the new system:
Poker Bot Fri:
Available poker rooms:
PartyPoker - with a stack for the game from $ 10-250 (Bonus from $ 1-10)
Poker Community - for stacks ranging from $ 250 - $ 500 (Bonus from $ 10-30)

Parker shot bot:
Available poker rooms:
888poker - with a stack for the game from $ 500-2500 (Bonus from $ 30-70)
Poker Bros - with a stack from 2500 - $ 5000 (Bonus from $ 70-100)

Cold Star Bot:
Available poker rooms:
Upoker - with a stack for playing from 5000 - 25 000 $ (BONUS from 100-500 $)
Panda Poker with a stack of $ 25,000 (Bonus from $ 500-100,000)

Bonus accrual will be calculated randomly for each participant, accruals will be made every 30 days from the moment of renting a poker bot.

Congratulations to all on the upcoming holidays and wish you a good game!

Now about the minuses of the new system, unfortunately this system is included in the work only today and the bonus system will only work when renting new bots.
But this is not a reason to be sad, for our old participants on New Year's Day on December 30, 2019 prizes of $ 1000 will be raffled, stay tuned for news in our group.

Sincerely, Poker Bot!

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Upstrike and downstream poker24.12.2019 12:34:38

Poker is a very multifaceted game in which we are faced with various difficult situations, and very often there are upstream and downstream. Our bankroll either increases or sharply tends to zero, sometimes this is a natural process, since no one can constantly play poker perfectly. It is impossible to foresee everything in poker, any miscalculation can affect the result of the game, only the distance can put everything in its place and show us our shortcomings and mistakes. Mistakes will help you fix the training from the Poker Academy, but a strick is a completely different matter.

Streaks are a thing of a different order. It is understood as a long movement of a bankroll up or down, which cannot be influenced for a long time by any objective effort. If we try to find a mathematical basis in the patterns of streaks, then we will not find it, since most likely it has a psychological basis. Each of us during the poker game will face moving, bad luck, a lot of losses with a stronger hand.

When it would seem that we are doing everything right and all the mathematical calculations are in our favor, and the opponent wins, then a psychological imbalance begins to occur. Under the influence of unpleasant distributions, we change our game and fall under the influence of the downstream. And already under the influence of tilt, our game changes completely, and we lose the bankroll. Next, we run to higher limits to recoup, go into the game with bad hands, referring to the fact that we are lucky and there is only one result - a big loss of our bankroll. The theory of poker will help you avoid this.

Now we need to figure out how to play poker online for free and how we can overcome streaks. You just need to always remember that there is a percentage that we will be beaten with a bad hand, because moving is an integral part of poker. The main thing to remember is that you just fell into a losing streak and you do not need to change your strategy, do not succumb to emotions, continue to play calmly. As practice shows, the distance will return everything with the right game. Discipline is very important during a streak, try to enter the game only with a raise or re-raise, use 3-bets. If your hand is not worth a reise, it is better to throw it off altogether. Always look at how you played in the previous session, try to find errors. Play only at your limits, and most importantly, do not try to play a large number of hands in order to recoup, on the contrary, you need to relax for several days from the game and conduct an analysis. Only then, in a good mood and with self-confidence, in a calm state and after a full analysis, return to the game.
Can't win? Our poker bot will help you with this.

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Position at the poker table - playing in position19.12.2019 19:58:16

Many novice players do not understand the meaning of the position while sitting at the poker table. During the game you are given various cards, and based on where you are sitting, you need to play one or another card differently. According to statistics poker, you will win more and more often, being in a position on your opponent. What does it mean? This article will answer this question. When learning poker from scratch, the importance of a position is also worth paying attention to.
During the game, it is worth paying attention not only to where you are sitting, but also to where the players are sitting, who may respond to your bet. Suppose, right after you, an aggressive player sits, who often opens with a raise and makes 3-bets. Should you start playing AJ? Most likely it's worth, because the range of your opponent is probably wider than these cards, but how to play them is another question. You will not always want to call a 3-bet with such cards. And limping in poker from you will certainly mean weakness. This can be read in other articles. Now let's continue on the position. It is also worth mentioning that if you play cash and you can choose where to sit, then this is definitely worth using. Some people prefer to have a stronger player to their right, while some like it when they are sitting loose. It all depends on the style of your game. Be sure to pay attention to this, and it will benefit you.
So, the position in poker is primarily a place at the table relative to the button (dealer button). Each hand the button moves clockwise and your position changes. The later your position at the table, the more profitable it is to play your cards, as You will already know how most of your opponents acted. Accordingly, the best place in the distribution is the button position. He will make all the decisions post-flop last, and he will have the most information for making decisions. The theory of poker says that the earlier your position, the stronger pocket cards you need to play.

If there are only 8 players at the table, one early position disappears. With 7 players, early positions disappear completely. With 6 players, one middle position is removed, etc.

Poker videos say: a position is the most important and valuable thing that you can have at a poker table. Position means that you are the last to act in the draw (i.e. you have a dealer button or the player sitting behind you has discarded his cards). The worst places in terms of position are the blinds, because after the first betting round the whole table goes after you during the whole subsequent draw. Regardless of your skill level, situation or your cards, having a position will always give you more information during the draw than any of your opponents.

The four most powerful reasons to play in position:

When your turn comes, you have more information than your opponents.
A position gives you "bluff equity", simply put, cheap and favorable bluffing opportunities.
Position allows you to make more accurate value bets.
Position gives you control over the final size of the pot.

Which ROI is good?18.12.2019 10:22:14

As we have already found out, the success of a player's cache is determined in the blinds won for a hundred hands. But for the players of SNG and MTT tournaments, the main indicator of success is the ROI. Passing poker lessons on our site, you can significantly increase your ROI.

ROI (return on investment) is equal to the ratio of profit to the amount of buy-in made.

For example, if you played 10 SNG tournaments with a buy-in of $ 10 and won $ 135 in them, then the ROI will be (135-100) / 100 = 0.35 or 35 percent. That is, each dollar invested brings 35 cents of profit.

How to find out your ROI?
Tracking sites. On the Internet there are many different sites collecting statistics on tournament players. Discover yourself for tracking and you can easily find out your ROI.
Statistical programs. Everyone, of course, knows about Hold'em Manager 2 and Poker Tracker 4. You can also see the ROI parameter in them.
Nameplate exel. And if you are old-fashioned, then you can easily calculate everything manually. It is only necessary not to forget to include in the table all the tournaments played and the results in them.
Which ROI is good?
There is no single answer to this question. It all depends on the structure and type of tournaments. Perhaps the smallest ROI can be shown by players in hyper-turbo tournaments, as the theory of poker video suggests that the faster the blinds go, the less advantage a player can have. Three percent is considered a very worthy result, and at the highest ROi limits, top players often do not exceed one percent. In single-table turbo tournaments, you can have about 5-6 percent ROI, and in multi-table tournaments you can have about 10. But in non-turbo MTT tournaments, you can have more than 20 percent!

Over a short distance, the ROI may exceed 100 percent. However, it is believed that an ROI can be objectively judged in no less than 1,000 tournaments. However, the more the better.

ROI is the main indicator of the player's strength relative to the field. If your ROI is high, then you should consider moving to a new limit.

Efficient stack16.12.2019 10:57:52

When learning to play poker, it is very important to understand the value of an effective stack. An effective stack refers to the number of chips that a player can win or lose in a particular hand. The effective stack is equal to the stack of the player with the smallest stack among the participants of the distribution. For example, if you have 100 blinds in the stack and your opponent has 200, then the effective stack will be exactly 100 blinds.

efficient stack

Indeed, according to the rules of poker, even putting all-in, we can win no more than 100 blinds. Therefore, the second half of the opponent's stack is “dead”, that is, it cannot take part in the distribution.

You need to carefully monitor the effective stack in order to make the right decisions. It would also be nice to study poker videos with theory. For example, calling on a set against an opponent with a stack of 15 blinds is very disadvantageous. Since according to the theory of poker, in the event of a hit in the set, we won't be able to win enough chips to cover our expenses for calling. The same goes for hand draws. If the effective stack is small, then in mathematics, continuing to play with a draw with your hands may not be profitable. Also, an effective stack is very important for styles and restyles in tournaments. Having a stack larger than that of the opponent, try to force him to make decisions on all chips more often. Learn to push the stack.

Thanks to the concept of an effective stack, the MSS strategy becomes profitable. With a stack of only 40 blinds the effective stack is in our hands will always be 40 blinds, no matter how much money your opponent has. And therefore, having learned to play in 40 bb stacks, we will get advantages over other players.

ABC POKER15.12.2019 17:18:15

ABC POKER is understood as the basic strategy of the game, which is usually used by beginners at the beginning of their training in poker. It includes elementary concepts, for example, 3 open raise. This style of play is easily exploited through aggression.

At the dawn of online poker, playing at ABC was profitable even at the highest stakes. Today everything has become much more complicated, and the game in ABC can be a plus only in the weakest rosters. Do you play ABC poker? Let's try to give the basic concepts of this style of poker.
ABC players open only predefined hands. On the Internet you can find many signs that indicate which hands to play and how. They are usually called charts. No styles, everything is very filamentous and easy to operate.
Postflop Strategy
After the flop, ABC style players also don't make life very difficult. Most people prefer to play poker online for free on the principle of fir-or-fold (hit or dropped), some bet cbet, but only one immediately surrenders if they do not hit the board. Strong hands are played with big bets and raises.
Fine tuning
I think many people realized that poker does not provide for any adjustment to ABC. Whoever plays at the table, the style of play does not change. Why do these adjustments when there is a favorite chart of starting hands?
The main problem of ABS players is that they play the same hands in the same way in any situation in accordance with their theory of poker. Their ranges are unbalanced and an experienced player will read the player's ABC as a book without any problems. However, for many beginners, it is with this strategy that poker training begins. But staying on ABC is not worth it for a long time. Once you have adapted a little to the ABC, you should start learning how to play real poker. To date, there are a number of more complex varieties of ABC, which take into account the rivals' playing styles, provide for a more diverse preflop and postflop, as well as adding bluff rallies to their ranges.

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