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Poker grinder 22.05.2020 17:53:39

A grinder is a poker player capable of winning back a large number of hands per unit of time. The grinder differs from the ordinary player in an impressive ethics, allowing him to maintain the best conditions even after a long hours of session and demonstrate his best game. Such players are often called good regulars, because they usually show positive results.

Some call grinders those players who prefer a strategy with minimal risks that excludes long downstrikes. The main task of good regulars is to get a steady income from poker. The exclusion of risk and focus on the result leads to the fact that many consider the strategy of the game of grinders very boring. Nevertheless, if a certain tactic yields a result, then it deserves attention, even if it is boring.

Types of Cache Grinders
All cache grinders can be divided into two broad categories: live and online games. To successfully grind at the live tables, you must have iron discipline and endurance. Such grinders usually spend more time in gambling establishments per session than casino employees. They use low VPIP strategies. They do not “heal” with regulars with marginal hands, they do not risk in vain, and prefer to exploit weaker rivals, seeking profit through patience and skill.

Cash grinders at live tables are able to fold garbage hands for a long time, skipping hand after hand - this requires discipline. Expectant tactics bear fruit if such a player has enough experience and knowledge to exploit the weaknesses of opponents.

Online poker grinders can play a large number of hands per unit of time. They have the opportunity to play simultaneously at several tables, unlike offline players. They earn money by playing long distances. Such regulars differ in concentration and discipline - playing at several tables, they make the most balanced and profitable decisions, and do not deviate from the chosen strategy.

Grinder in poker always maintains a calm mood, one cannot wait for the manifestation of emotions from him. Such a player will never start all-in after several consecutive moves, and try to punish his offender. Good regulars use the optimal strategy of the game, earning a constant profit by winning back a large number of hands.


The importance of distance
The winders of the grinders are not too high, so they do not seek to increase their earnings by moving up the limits. They receive income precisely due to large volumes. Long distances can reduce the effect of variance on the result, thereby ensuring a stable, uninterrupted income. Indeed, the more hands you play per unit of time, the less influence there will be on the overall picture of each individual move.

Grinder his strategy concentrates on minor advantages over the field. But poker players seeking to increase the limits, on the contrary, want to get a significant advantage, thereby increasing their win rate. Therefore, the second type of players reduces the number of tables played simultaneously in order to fully analyze each distribution.

Naturally, poker grinders are inferior in win rate to players who are concentrated on “killing” the limits. Their "quality" of the game is worse. But due to the fact that they play more tables, the total earnings may well be comparable. This is not surprising, because the more tables you play at the same time, the less attention you can pay to each individual distribution, which leads to a drop in quality.

The most popular formats among grinders are formats such as Zoom and Snap, which are distinguished by the fast flow of the game, and, therefore, the ability to play a large distance in a short period of time. In addition, such formats attract a lot of recreational players, which are very easy to beat.


Tournament Grinders
There are also multi-table tournament grinders. In any case, MTT-shniki should play a large distance in order to demonstrate a good result. Despite the fact that the mtt grinder is able to choose which tournaments to participate in and which ones are not, the duration of each of these tournaments does not depend on him.

This feature leads to the fact that at some point the grinder has to reduce the number of tables to two or even to one. The fact is that having gone too deep in a couple of tournaments, you do not need to open new tournaments. After all, such games often last for 10 or more hours. Imagine having played a 10-hour session, you open a new tournament, in which you again go to the late stages. Even if you have the patience and patience to continue the game, you are unlikely to be able to follow your optimal strategy. There will be a desire to take risks unreasonably in order to increase your stack faster or fly out, finally going on vacation.

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